‘Jersey Boys’ Movie Review by Kevin Carr

Rated R Opens: June 20, 2014 Studio: Warner Bros. Starring: Christopher Walken, Vincent Piazza, Freya Tingley, Francesca Eastwood, Kathrine Narducci Directed by: Clint Eastwood Kevin says Jersey Boys kinda sucks! Download this Review Read Kevin’s review of Jersey Boys here.

New to Netflix: February 2013

New to Netflix: February 2013 Kevin Carr and Nicholas Herum take some time to talk about the latest movies to hit Netflix’s streaming service. Download this Episode

Episode 302 – Old Guys in Diapers

This Week: Kevin and Kristin celebrate being able to see the movies they needed to this week, even if it meant lengthy road trips and shaky internet connections. They offer a mea culpa to their audience, apologizing for such terrible box office predictions. However, along with talking about Stand-Up Guys, Bullet to the Head and […]

Episode 286 – Vomit, Breasts and People Getting Hit By Buses

This Week: Kevin and Kristin Dreyer Kramer start off talking about Halloween and trick-or-treat costumes. Soon, they move to the subject of the latest scary movie, Sinister. Then things get political as Iranian extremists take over the Magical Studio in the Sky and take the hosts hostage. While trapped, Kevin and Kristin talk about Argo, […]

Second Reel Ep. 22 – The 29th Annual 24-Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon

On This Episode: It’s springtime. It’s May. There’s another threat of a world apocalypse/rapture. That means it’s time for the annual 24-hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon. Kevin welcomes long-time marathon friend and historian Joe Neff back to the Magical Studio in the Sky to look at this year’s confirmed list of films. The marathon this […]

Kevin Carr’s DVD Rundown for 08/24/2010

Kevin’s picks on DVD this week: Lost: Season 6, The Simpsons: Season 13, Survival of the Dead, Abandoned and $5 a Day Stinker of the week: The Back-Up Plan Download this DVD Rundown

The ‘Gigli’ Live-Tweet

On November 23, Kevin was joined by @AronDej to live-tweet Gigli, one of the biggest box office bombs in history, starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lopez’s ass. Here’s a log, complete with time-code for your home-viewing pleasure.