Hosts: Kevin Carr & Merrill Barr

ONSAP! ran from 2012 through 2013.

After two years of hosting The Idiot Boxers, Kevin became exhausted with talking about television. So Merrill and he decided to scrap all the inside-baseball discussions and focus on things that just made them laugh. Oddly enough, that tended to be adult-themed discussions about porn and poop. But even then, they manage to talk about educational matters, believe it or not.

Each week, Kevin and Merrill gathered in the Magical Studio in the Sky to talk about everything and nothing. Whatever struck their fancy made its way onto ONSAP, which meant it was a one-hour free-for-all discussion that will likely confound people and definitely offend others for years to come.

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Contact info:

Facebook: Facebook.com/osnappodcast
Twitter: Twitter.com/osnappodcast
Email: merrill@fatguysatthemovies.com

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