Meet Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter, Host Emeritus
Operation: Nikita

Rob Hunter is a guy. He likes Asian women. He also likes the CW’s Nikita. These are the reasons he started co-hosting Operation: Nikita with Merrill Barr (whom Rob admires like the golden god that he is).

Rob has not submitted a full bio yet, so we’re makings things up. Word on the street is that he invented the question mark and often can be found running naked through sprinklers in Arizona. He also might be the real Osama bin Laden (suck it, Katherine Bigelow!).

When not spending time on his couch oiled up and slathered in strawberry jam whilst watching Nikita, Rob can be found at Film School Rejects, where he serves as Associate Editor. We still are not sure what that entails, but he’s assured us he gets mad-laid because of it.


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