Meet Nicholas Herum

Nicholas Herum, Host
New to Netflix

Nicholas Herum may not be the fattest guy at the movies, but he’s almost certainly the grumpiest. He spent his formative years locked in a basement (many times by choice) watching his favorite movies via a top-loading VCR with tapes recorded from HBO. Once he became sure he knew everything he needed to know about movies, woman and being cool, he decided it was time to stop being selfish and finally grace the outside world with his singular wit.

To start taking the world by storm, Nicholas founded his own film review website, Movies Hate You Too, in 2011. He is the film critic for the Columbus, Ohio website Columbus Underground. In August 2012, he began co-hosting On the Marquee with fellow ‘Fat Guy’ Kristin Dreyer Kramer which airs weekly on WCBE in Columbus. He is also a proud member of the Central Ohio Film Critics Association.

As a final note, Nicholas is well known amongst his friends and enemies for his absolute and never ending hatred of the PG-13 rating. He dares you to strike up a conversation with him about it; you’ll live to regret it.

Along with Kevin Carr, Nicholas is the co-host for the New to Netflix podcast.


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