Meet Merrill Barr

Merrill Barr, Host
Clone Club
Host Emeritus
OSNAP, Operation: Nikita, Celluloid Spotlight  & The Idiot Boxers

The date was June 26th, 1989. Little did the world know how everything was about to change. Because on that day, Merrill Barr entered civilization. Since then Merrill has spent his life preaching his message of Michael Bay tolerance and Flashpoint worship. Mostly to the annoyance of his podcast co-hosts.

In 2010 Merrill brought his show Celluloid Spotlight to the Fat Guys Network while at the same time creating the worlds definitive podcast about television, The Idiot Boxers. Since then Merrill has gone on to create and co-host shows like OSNAP with Kevin Carr and Operation: Nikita with Rob Hunter. Basically, Merrill is “that guy”: That guy you just love to listen to because he will always make you laugh. At least until he indulges in one of his baygasms.


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