OSNAP #24: You Are My Karl Pilkington

OSNAP: You Are My Karl Pilkington
This week, Kevin starts things out awkwardly for Merrill, giving details of bodily functions. Merrill tries to steer the conversation back to sanity. However, that insanity includes an uncanny amount of imagery of him dancing in the nude. They also discuss whether it’s more embarrassing to be caught with your pants down whilst flaccid or not. Eventually, Kevin admits that he sees Merrill as his special someone in the podcasting world. Too bad that special someone is his own American version of Karl Pilkington. Sure, there are some serious topics discussed, but not before they comment and react to bowling alley stripper news and how it can contribute to the delinquency of a minor. Oh, snap!

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“No One Had To Tell My Baby How To Rock ‘N Roll- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

Break One:

“(You Are My) Soul Exclamation- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

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