OSNAP #22: I’m Sure Your Thing Is Nice and Long

OSNAP: I’m Sure Your Thing Is Nice and Long
This week, Merrill and Kevin announce an impromptu contest featuring a prize of Kevin’s krump sweat. Then, Kevin schools Merrill on the science of Metamucil while Merrill continues more stories of his computer woes. There’s a brief moment where Merrill shines with how connected he is, but Kevin soon strikes him down with talk of porn star Alexis Texas and her career choices. They continue with some news stories about stripping room mothers and how to masturbate in public with the simple excuse, “It fell out.” Finally, Kevin wraps things up with some interesting stories from the front lines of being a modern parent. Oh, snap!

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“No One Had To Tell My Baby How To Rock ‘N Roll- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

Break One:

“(You Are My) Soul Exclamation- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

Break Two:


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2 Responses to “OSNAP #22: I’m Sure Your Thing Is Nice and Long”

  1. Oh come on! That one was on purpose. But because I have the maturity of a four year old, I will say it anyway:

    That’s what she said!

    There! Are you happy now? :-(

  2. That’s what you said, too! Uh oh!

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