OSNAP #15: That’s Why They Invented Bathtubs

OSNAP: That’s Why They Invented Bathtubs
Well, the end of the world didn’t happen, so you’re stuck with the OSNAP gang for at least another Mayan b’ak’tun. As the new year kicks off, Kevin and Merrill reflect on 2012 and the changes that happened, like puberty in a pimply teenager. Merrill looks back on his struggles, and Kevin personally blames Merrill for the death of Jesus. Kevin tells some stories about traveling to his grandmother’s funeral over the break and how the culture of the area is just a bit different up the mountain. He also bemoans the ridiculous liquor laws in Pennsylvania that promote alcoholism more than prevent teenagers from buying beer. They also talk a little bit about poop and farts, too. Oh, snap!

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Merrill’s year end recap


“No One Had To Tell My Baby How To Rock ‘N Roll- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

Break One:

“(You Are My) Soul Exclamation- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

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