OSNAP #14: Upside-Down with a Twist

OSNAP: Upside-Down with a Twist
With the end of the world approaching in just a couple days, do Kevin and Merrill hunker down with their loved ones and enjoy each other’s company for their final days on this earth before Brian the Mayan Winged Serpent rains hellfire down on them? Nope. They get on the horn with each other and talk about utter nonsense. Things seem repetitive with some complaining about Twitter drama and overly critical critics of critics. But Merrill mixes things up with some choice words about the oft-unseen late-90s horror non-classic Jack Frost. Later, Kevin offers some creepy love for porn star Mia Malkova and her amazing flexibility. Kevin also lays down some ire about The Hollywood Reporter’s “Women in Entertainment 2012: Power 100” issue, and it has nothing to do with oral sex. Oh, snap!

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“No One Had To Tell My Baby How To Rock ‘N Roll- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

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“(You Are My) Soul Exclamation- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

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