OSNAP #9: Did I Just Say ‘Clitoris’?

OSNAP: Did I Just Say ‘Clitoris’?
After a grueling two-week hiatus, thanks to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Eastern seaboard, Merrill finally returns to the Magical Studio in the Sky a bit soggy but still hopping mad. He celebrates his return by declaring there will never be a piece of technology that will throw him for a loop as he gets older. He also mispronounces the word “clitoris,” so take all that bluster with a grain of salt. Kevin seeks to enlighten Merrill on the great Peter North and how pornography actually works. The education continues with a bizarrely cogent explanation of the Electoral College. But things get crazy again in the final segment when Kevin tells the story of how old people are scared of computers and that he is still determined to make his chubby beefcake calendar. Oh, snap!

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“No One Had To Tell My Baby How To Rock ‘N Roll- Todd Cumpston” (toddcumpston) / CC BY 3.0

Break One:

“Flam&Co” (Alainsam) / CC BY 3.0

Break Two:


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