Episode 291 – Do You Have a Shiv?

This Week: Kevin and Kristin run all a-sparkle into the Magical Studio in the Sky to squeal and discuss the latest and (God help us) last Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn: Part II. But before that, Kevin shares his war stories of surviving the near-deadly Red Dawn Brawl of 2012 (which was quite possibly as crazy as the I Am Legend Scuffle Kerfuffle of 2007). They also talk about Silver Linings Playbook and Kevin gloats about his accuracy in James Bond box office predictions. Then, it’s onto the DVD Round-Up before curling up in a ball and weeping at the loss of the Twilight films from our collective popular culture.

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: Box office predictions and the Red Dawn Brawl of 2012 (10:12)

Part II: Review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part II (9:13)

Part III: Review of Silver Linings Playbook and Box Office Predictions (10:12)

Part IV: Listener email and DVD Round-Up: Brave, Pixar Short Films Collection 2, Lawrence of Arabia Restoration Blu-ray, The Watch, Doctor Who: Season 7 Volume 1, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Blu-ray and Savages (10:55)

Next Week:

Red Dawn, Life of Pi, Rise of the Guardians and Hitchcock

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