Episode 249 – Blowing Holes in These Bastards’ Crotches

This Week: Kevin invites fellow Film School Rejects writer Rob Hunter back to the Magical Studio in the Sky, where they fend off hungry wolves, ex-con jumpers and Katherine Heigl movies. They chat about the new films of hte week, then move into the infamous middle segment where they chew the fat about Sundance. Kevin also blows holes in the “Kevolution” that the lesser Kevin (Smith) claims to have created. They also weigh on on the Oscar nominations and lay down a Fat Guy Five about Man vs. Nature films. Then it’s off to the DVD Round-up, where Rob Hunter declares human trafficking to be “good fun.” Yikes!

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: A preview of One for the Money (8:50)

Part II: Reviews of Man on a Ledge and The Grey (10:40)

Part III: Oscar nominations, Sundance chat, Rant about Kevin Smith, Box Office Recap, Box Office Predictions and the Fat Guy Five: Five Cool Man vs. Nature Movies (30:00)

Part IV: DVD Round-Up: Real Steel, Paranormal Activity 3, The Woman, The Whistleblower, 50-50, Sherlock S2, Punishment Park and Shut Up Little Man (6:35)

Next Week:

Big Miracle, Chronicle and The Woman in Black

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