Episode 241 – Cottage Cheese and Hairy Buttocks

This Week: In the wake of the holiday weekend, shopping stampedes and pepper sprayings at Wal-Mart, Kevin invites Jared Zimney from Movies in the Mancave back into the Magical Studio in the Sky. With no major wide releases opening in theaters this week, Kevin and Jared chat about some of the limited releases and award films, including The Descendants, Marsha Marsha Marsha and Shame. Later in the show, Kevin extols the virtues of not wearing pants, they rip on Twilight a little bit more and lay down a Fat Guy Five about the most anticipated movies of December. Then it’s the DVD Round-Up before they say good-bye for another week.

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: General chit-chat and a review of The Descendants (8:50)

Part II: Review Martha Marcy May Marlene and a tease of Shame (10:40)

Part III: Review of Shame, Box Office Recap, Box Office Predictions, and the Fat Guy Five: Five Most Anticipated December Movies (40:00)

Part IV: DVD Round-Up: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Chillerama, Our Idiot Brother, 30 Minutes or Less, Another Earth and Smallville: The Final Season (6:35)

Next Week:

New Year’s Eve and The Sitter

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