Episode 236 – The Alien Had Boobies

This Week: Even though it’s Halloween weekend, Hollywood has moved on to a period piece, sci-fi action and children’s fare. Kevin invites Jim Napier from GeekTyrant and Napier’s News to join him to talk about the films bridging the gap between Halloween and the holiday season. They contemplate fractured fairy tales, Justin Timberlake’s acting ability and whether Shakespeare should have blown up more shit in his plays. Then they hit the middle segment to talk box office, key news items and lay down a Fat Guy Five about spin-offs. Finally, it’s the DVD Rundown and a ghoulish exit… though not really.

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: Previews of In Time and The Rum Diary (8:50)

Part II: Reviews of Puss in Boots and Anonymous (10:40)

Part III: Box Office Recap, Box Office Predictions, Listener Feedback, Top Stories from Napier’s News and the Fat Guy Five: Five Decent Spin-offs (51:00)

Part IV: DVD Round-Up: Attack the Block, Rare Exports, Zombie, The Jurassic Park Trilogy Blu-ray, Winnie the Pooh, Captain America: The First Avenger, A Serbian Film, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings and Atrocious (6:35)

Next Week:

Tower Heist and A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

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FSR’s Weekly Report Card for Puss in Boots, In Time and Anonymous

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