The Idiot Boxers – Episode 39

In this very special episode: Apparently Mother Nature is not a fan of The Idiot Boxers because she sent Hurricane Irene up the east coast to knock out Merrill’s power for an entire week. Mere hours after power was restored, the Idiots were back online and talking about TV… well, after a half hour of recounting Hurricane Irene stories flavored with the spicy, hot bitterness of Starbucks. Then, Kevin chimed in with a grand story of an $11,500 burrito. Eventually, the Idiots moved on to what sucked and what rocked, along with TV news and a couple sound-offs, which includes a scathing review of Hulu+.

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Episode Schedule:

What Rocked! [42:00] –Flashpoint, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Strike Back, Entourage, Warehouse 13, Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, Futurama, Louie, Wilfred, Thundercats and The Looney Tunes Show

TV News [11:00] – The latest news about the boob tube

What Sucked! [17:00] – What the Idiots didn’t like about Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Louie, Wilfred and Eureka

TV-on-DVD [15:00] – Sound-off on the new CBS ratings system and how reality television appears to other countries, DVDs of Dexter: Season 5, Batman Brave & Bold: Season 2 Volume 1, Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Off the Map: Series, NCIS:Season 8, Gossip Girl: Season 4, The Event: The Complete Series, Sons of Anarchy: Season 3, Desperate Housewives: Season 7, House: Season 7, Vampire Diaries: Season 2, Cougar Town: Season 2, Parenthood: Season 2, Nikita: Season 1, Running Wilde: Season 1 and iCarly: Season 3, plus the Idiot Recommendations


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