Episode 228 – Put Your Dinglehopper in My Snarfblatt


This Week: Kevin invites Jared Zimney from the Movies in the Mancave video podcast into the Magical Studio in the Sky. The discussion gets very mancave-ish as they contemplate old and sexy Helen Mirren as well as unspeakable things about the Little Mermaid. They also touch on the new releases: The Debt, Apollo 18 and Shark Night 3D. Later, they lay out a Fat Guy Five about real-life scary things from movies, then give some DVD and Blu-ray picks. You’ll have to guess while one is the rabid Top Gun fan.

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: Preview of Apollo 18 (8:50)

Part II: Preview of Shark Night 3D and a review of The Debt (10:40)

Part III: More on The Debt, Box Office Recap, Box Office Predictions and the Fat Guy Five: Five Cool Monsters from the Real World (37:00)

Part IV: DVD Round-Up: Parenthood: Season 2, Top Gun Blu-ray, Good Will Hunting Blu-ray, Prom, Coen Brothers Collection, Nightmare Before Christmas 3D, Sons of Anarchy: Season 3, House: Season 7, Vampire Diaries: Season 2, Cougar Town: Season 2, Nikita: Season 1 and iCarly: Season 3 (6:35)

Next Week:

Contagion, Warrior, Creature and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

Show Links:

FSR’s Weekly Report Card for The Debt, Apollo 18 and Shark Night 3D

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