Episode 219 – Cuckoo Bananas, Prithee


This Week: Kevin invites film critic at large and author Alonso Duralde into the Magical Studio in the Sky to talk penguins and green-colored will. Having both seen the two new movies this week, more reviewing actually happens on this show than ever before. While Kevin and Alonso may agree about some things for this weekend, they discover other films for which their opinions don’t quite jive. Still, that doesn’t stop them from handing down a Fat Guy Five about good Jim Carrey movies, recommending off-the-wall foreign films and answering some cogent listener feedback. Then there’s the DVD segment, which puts the focus on the real enemy… Tori Spelling.

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Episode Schedule:

Part I: Intros and a review of Mr. Popper’s Pooping Penguins (9:20)

Part II: A review of Green Lantern (10:10)

Part III: Foreign film chit-chat, Box Office Recap, Box Office Predictions, Listener Feedback and the Fat Guy Five: Five Good Jim Carrey Movies (50:00)

Part IV: DVD Round-Up: Hall Pass, Battle: Los Angeles, Red Riding Hood, Jackass 3.5, Kill the Irishman, Harry Potter 4 & 5 on Blu-ray, The Glades: Season 1, Insignificance, N-Secure, Love and Human Remains and the Tori Spelling classic Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (6:35)

Next Week:

A look at Cars 2 and Bad Teacher

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FSR’s Weekly Report Card for Green Lantern and Mr. Popper’s Penguins

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