Episode 140 – 2012 Pounds


On This Week’s Show: Kevin and Neil meet up in the Magical Studio in the Sky for an epic show about the end of the world. They gush (sort of) over Roland Emmerich’s movies and dance a jig around how awesome Fantastic Mr. Fox is. And Neil takes to the high seas in support of Pirate Radio while Kevin grumbles after not being offered a press screening. They lay down a Fat Guy Five about Roland Emmerich’s best movies, examine the box office numbers and even read an iTunes review and listen to a listener voice mail, proving that the phone number does work. Save us, John Cusack!

Films Reviewed this Week: 2012, Pirate Radio and Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Episode Schedule:

Segment 1 [8:50] – Review of 2012

Segment 2 [10:40] – Review of Pirate Radio and Fantastic Mr. Fox

Segment 3 [12:45] – Box office recap, listener feedback and the Fat Guy Five: Roland Emmerich’s Five Best Movies

Segment 4 [6:35] – DVD Round-Up: Neil’s picks are Up, Monsters Inc., Heat, Godzilla and The Negotiatoron Blu-ray as well as Ink on DVD; Kevin’s picks include Justice League Unlimited, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat I’m Fluffy and 2012: Supernova; Review Recap and a look ahead to next week.

Next Week’s Show:

Kevin and Neil cheer on Team Jacob with New Moon, The Blind Side and Planet 51

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FSR’s Weekly Report Card for 2012 and Fantastic Mr. Fox

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